New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners

It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to set some New Year’s resolutions. In the past, your resolutions have likely focused on eating better and losing weight. Those are great goals, but why not add some additional resolutions related to your home this year?

Jump on the Renovation Bandwagon

Home renovations are on the rise, and that’s a sign of a strong real estate market. People aren’t just tackling minor renovations, either. They are spending money on large projects such as exterior features, kitchens, and bathrooms. Make 2019 the year you renovate your home. Stay within your budget, but turn it into a showpiece this year. Then, if you do decide to put it on the market, it will be worth even more than it is now.

Pay Down Your Principal

If you want to set yourself up for retirement, you need to pay your home off. Instead of making the minimum mortgage payment each month, pay a little extra. Calculate how much extra you would have to pay each month to equal one extra loan payment for the year. Pay at least that, but if you can afford more, do so. This is a quick and easy way to pay down your mortgage much faster.

Prepare for Emergency Expenses

Around 55 million Americans don’t have any money set aside for emergencies. Many of those wouldn’t have enough to pay their mortgage if they lost their jobs. You could lose your home if you don’t have an emergency fund in place. Make it a point to start a fund this year. Put something back each month until you have enough money to pay for at least three months of expenses.

Declutter Your Home

Your home can be a showpiece, but first, you need to get rid of all the extra clutter. Marie Kondo is a decluttering guru, and she even has her own Netflix show. Follow her method to learn how to get rid of the items that don’t spark joy. It could be a real life changer.

Cut Your Energy Usage

Do you leave the lights on when you leave a room? Does your furnace run at full force, even when you’re at work? Are your power strips sucking up energy when they aren’t in use? Make 2019 the year that you start conserving energy in your home. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bill.

Take an Inventory of Your Home

What happens if disaster strikes? Do you know what’s in your home? Your insurance company will expect a list of items if you’re robbed, lose your belongings in a fire, and so on. Take an inventory and put it in a fire-safe box for safekeeping.

Make 2019 the Best Year Yet

These resolutions will help you make 2019 the best year yet. Set your goals and get ready to maximize your money, conserve energy, and have a more enjoyable living space. You’ll be amazed by how happy you’ll be when you follow these resolutions.

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