How to get a real estate license in Texas

Texas is home to some of the most valuable real estate property in the US, with two of its markets, Dallas and Austin, making it into Zillow’s annual ten hottest housing markets list. There should be a flurry of activity in the year ahead, and it’s no wonder people are interested in making a career as a real estate agent in that market. If that sounds like you, here are the steps you have to go through to get your license.

Basic requirements and education

In addition to the basic requirement, that those going for their license are at least eighteen years of age, one must also be a resident of Texas and meet the Texas Real Estate Commission’s qualifications for honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity. In order to meet these standards, applicants are advised to download a “Moral Character Determination” form from their website, which asks applicants various questions about their background.

Once this is done, those hoping to obtain a license must first pass 180 hours of qualifying education, including:

  • Real Estate Principles (60 hours)
  • Law of Agency (30 hours)
  • Law of Contracts (30 hours)
  • Promulgated Contracts Forms (30 hours)
  • Real Estate Finance (30 hours)

Afterwards, students must submit their transcripts and file an official application here.


At this point, applicants will have to undergo a background check, while also agreeing to be fingerprinted by the Texas Department of Public Safety. After this, you’ll be eligible to write your exam, which is administered by an official agency. Applicants are given their exam dates by mail and will also get info on where to get a candidate handbook. Be careful though, applicants must pass the test within three attempts. If you fail after a third, additional courses will be necessary.

After the exam

Once you pass your exam, you’ll get an inactive license, and from here you’ll have to find a licensed broker to sponsor you, and only then can you work as a licensed agent. To renew your license, you’ll have to fulfill a continuing education component, which, upon your first renewal requires ninety hours of classroom instruction, including two compulsory legal update courses, and in your second renewal, an additional eighteen hours, including more of the legal update component.

For more information on how to obtain your real estate license, visit the Texas Real Estate Commission website!


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