4 Best Real Estate Apps for Investors

Mobile applications are changing the way people do business on a grand scale, from the way they travel (any GPS app, Uber, Air BnB), the way they bank, and now – they’re changing the way they invest too. For the real estate investor, there are many apps out there designed to make your life easier by automating mundane tasks and bringing together a wealth of information right at your fingertips.
Here are some of the handiest apps for the savvy real estate investor.

  1. Zillow: One of the most downloaded apps out there, Zillow is a game-changer for the real estate industry. Not only does it give you access to millions of listings, but agents are also vetted in order to be given the Zillow Premier Agents designation, while their Zestimate feature is a constantly updated valuation tool that’s quickly becoming an industry standard. You can also filter properties by region, school ratings, price and much more.
  2. Docusign: Printing contracts, signing them, and then scanning them to create a digital copy is a time-consuming endeavor, and digital signing technology always left something to be desired- until now. Docusign allows you to sign your documents with a unique digital hash, while you can also upload and store signatures and use them to sign pdfs.
  3. Redfin: An all-service app that even connects you with Redfin’s own brokers, allowing you to book consultations online, while also browsing local properties. Notably, it also allows you to stay in the loop regarding any upcoming open houses, and even provides you with directions on how to get there. You can also share home data via text, email and social media, while the app also gives you an edge by advising you on the most in-demand properties, and which are likely to sell first.
  4. CalcsFree: This app recently ranked highly on a rundown of real estate industry apps by CBS News, with it particularly praised by just how easily it can be used for complicated mortgage calculations. Everything can be included, from taxes to insurance, fees and more. Notably, the app is also free and exceedingly user-friendly – making this a handy tool for anyone looking at their real estate investment options.

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