How to increase your home value through home renovation

There may be a lot of reasons why you suddenly decide that your home needs an upgrade to increase its value. Whether you’re a first-time buyer getting a fixer-upper, or someone who’s lived in the same house for a long time, there are a lot of ways you can significantly boost your home value. Here are a few tips to get you started.


It’s a marathon, not a sprint

According to the experts at HGTV, home renovation should be carefully planned out by making a list of the things you want to change, figuring out the approximate costs and then prioritizing. What’s in the direst need of repair, or what’s the room that could benefit most from a facelift. Go room by room, and don’t have several projects going on at once. A focused effort will be more cost-effective, and a whole lot less stressful.


Prioritize the kitchen  states that, without question, the kitchen is the most important room in your home in regards to making a difference in its value. People love to cook and entertain in their kitchens, and they shouldn’t feel cramped. It’s also likely the most used room in the home, and the one your family members pass through the most. The appliances should be up-to-date if you’re thinking of selling. Also consider changing your cabinets and opting for modern lighting (if it suits your home)– all of which could be a significant boost to the room’s appeal and, as a result, the value of your home. One last thing Rules of Renovation suggests is that you choose neutral colors so that any prospective buyer could imagine themselves personalizing the kitchen when they move in.


Don’t forget the bathroom

Forbes suggests that while kitchens are still the highest volume room in your home, bathrooms don’t lag far behind. If your budget is limited – at first – and you’re not in a rush to resell, fixing up your bathroom with the addition of new vanities, fixtures and toilets will still bump up your home value without demanding a considerable investment.


Curb appeal

If you’ve ever been in the market for a home, you’ve heard this term. What it means is that, should you walk to the curb and look at your house from the outside, does it look good? What would be your first impression if you were a home buyer? That’s curb appeal, and there are a lot of ways to enhance it. For one thing, keep things consistently tidy by mowing your lawn, trimming your hedges and encouraging your neighbours to do the same. HGTV also suggests doing things like experimenting with paint colours on doors and planting a garden or new lawn if you’re looking to divert attention from some potential flaws in the home exterior.



Time Magazine emphasizes that one of the most important things to keep in mind when renovating are your windows. The importance is twofold. For one – are they attractive? Do you have a nice view that’s being ruined by a not so great window? Rethink the design. Also – is your home comfortable? Is the airflow good, and do your windows let in enough fresh air? People want to be comfortable in their homes, and this could make a big difference to a potential buyer. The National Association of Realtors’ 2016 Cost Versus Value study reveals that homeowners get roughly 73% of the investment they make on windows back when they resell the house.


Of course, home renovations are routine, and you shouldn’t wait until you’re ready to sell in order to make your home more attractive and comfortable. Sprucing up your property will make you happier with the home, and protect your investment by increasing its value. And remember – even if you’re short on funds, simple renovations could do the trick!

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